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What is Mississippi River Country

Welcome to Mississippi River Country: We’re a collection of states that border America’s most famous river. We share the stories from the heart of the country—the places, people and attractions you’ll find here, whether they’re on the banks of the Mississippi River or hundreds of miles away.

Does Mississippi River Country refer to just the river or the state of Mississippi?

No, Mississippi River Country refers to the entirety of the states that touch the Mississippi River, from Minnesota in the north to Louisiana in the south. Mississippi River Country includes destinations as varied as the Boundary Waters of northern Minnesota, Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains, and big cities like Chicago, Minneapolis and Nashville.

The region takes its name from the Mississippi River but includes destinations both on the river and hundreds of miles away.

What can I do in Mississippi River Country?

With a region this vast, there is a lot for visitors to explore. To break it down for travelers, our website,, is organized by six major themes of interest. Here’s a closer look:

  • Culture: Visit stunning art museums, see the iconic architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright & more
  • Food & Agriculture: Discover mouthwatering barbeque and other regional delicacies and take home fresh finds from farmers’ markets and food festivals
  • Iconic America: From Route 66 to minor league baseball parks, Mississippi River Country is home to everything that epitomizes America
  • Music: See (and hear!) where blues, jazz, country music and other quintessential forms of American music were born and celebrate the artists carrying on this legacy
  • Outdoors & Recreation: The Mississippi River winds through these 10 states, which are also home to national parks, scenic overlooks, UNESCO World Heritage Sites & much more
  • Science & History: Celebrate the lives of American presidents, see animals from around the world at zoos & aquariums, and explore Civil War history

How do I get around Mississippi River Country?

There are major airports in each Mississippi River Country state, including some with several notable hubs. See a list here.

There are also several famous driving routes through Mississippi River Country, including Route 66, the Great River Road (which follows the Mississippi River through 10 states) and the Natchez Trace Parkway.

How can I learn more about Mississippi River Country?