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What is Mississippi River Country?

Welcome to Mississippi River Country: We’re a collection of states that border America’s most famous river. We share the stories from the heart of the country—the places, people and attractions you’ll find here, whether they’re on the banks of the Mississippi River or hundreds of miles away.

Mount Magazine State Park, Arkansas (Credit: Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage & Tourism)

Welcome to Mississippi River Country

Mississippi River Country is “the heart of America”—a place where visitors can travel through the history, culture and natural beauty that defines this country. Sure, the Mississippi River might be the backbone that unites these 10 states, but we’re here to tell you about all the wonderful things to see and do across the states that touch America’s finest river, from James Beard Award-winning restaurants in the Delta to breathtaking views of the Great Smoky Mountains.

Make your plans to start discovering the heart of America today.

Mississippi River Country Map

Great Smoky Mountain National Park Sunset


The states of Mississippi River Country offer visitors a wide array of iconic attractions, breathtaking natural beauty and unique stories.

10 States Along the Mississppi River

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